Do you feel guilty leaving your dog alone for the day? Or do you need a comfortable fun place for them to stay overnight? Bring them to us for Day Care or Boarding!

Dogs are pack animals and prefer not to be left alone. Your pets undesirable behaviors, such as chewing or barking, are often a result of stress or boredom. At Crawfish Corners your dog will have fun exercising and socializing, whether they are here for day care or an overnight stay. Air conditioning keeps them comfortable in the summer and heat keeps them warm in the winter while they sleep.

In 2011 we added a padded indoor play area for when the weather is less than pleasant. We also have a new outdoor play area making a total of three! Our new driveway leads up to our entryway and office.

Drop off and pick up times are set by reservation only. Please call or email with questions or to make a reservation.

About Us

Hello! My name is Barb Pitzner-Simdon. My home and doggie day care are located just north of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds by the Crawfish River. My family includes my husband, our two sons and our two yellow labs: Stoeger and Clyde. We also have 3 cats, Katniss, Plankton, and Patrick.

I have been a life-long resident of Jefferson and have a deep love for animals of all kinds, especially dogs. I would love to have your dog come play in the country for a day, weekend, or week.

We began Crawfish Corners in August of 2005 by remodeling an old dairy barn that was being used for our horses. At that time we built a new addition for our horses and the rest of the barn was dedicated to the dogs.

Separate rooms were built for bathing, storage and mechanicals. We created 14 kennels with masonry walls and new windows. Outside the dogs have a 6 foot fence with 3 roomy play areas.

In 2010, we further improved our building with a new addition for more outside play area, plus an indoor play area with comfy rubber floors. You can now drive right up to the door for convenient drop off and pick up. You'll notice our beautiful new entryway and office area.

Day Care

Day care is available 7 days a week. We have playtime, snack time, nap time, and more playtime!!

Your pet gets the wonderful benefit of exercise and socialization here during day care. In the summer, we have wading pools to keep your pet cool and toys are available all year round. We also have a two big sandboxes to cool themselves and dig away! We play fetch, go for walks, wrestle with our friends, or just hang out and enjoy the fresh country air. Exercise and socialization is so important for the everyday health and well-being of your pet.

When you pick up your pet they will be happy to see you and be well exercised so you all can enjoy the rest of your day!

Reservations are required with both Day Care and Boarding

Medications if needed, must be labeled with the Dog’s Name, Prescription Name, Dosage, Strength, and Times Per Day


Day Care & Boarding Comforts for your Pet:

The dogs are boarded in a heated area in the winter and they have air conditioning for those hot summer months. All kennels are separated by solid masonry walls for your dogs safety, privacy and comfort.

They are let out 4-5 times a day for potty time, playtime or a walk in the country. Additional play time may also be purchased. During a week or longer stay extra play time is included.

All dogs MUST bring their own food. Switching food quickly may cause discomfort and more stress than necessary. You may bring food in original package , or re-sealable container, you may also prepare them individually for each feeding. Please use something that seals well, for optimal freshness, and bring only what is needed, plus a little extra just in case.

Medication will be given as prescribed. Please label them with dogs name, prescription name, strength, and dosage times per day.

You may also bring their own bed or blanket and a favorite toy. Please label as best you can. We are not responsible if personal items are lost or damaged. We do have blankets or beds available here upon request. We provide bowls for food and they are given fresh water daily.

No choke chains or pinch collars allowed. If they are on your dog, they will be removed when placed in the kennel. No aggressive dogs allowed for everyones safety.

Please make reservations early as the schedule fills up quickly!

Kuranda Dog Beds

Kuranda dog beds are used for their comfort. They are also chew-proof and easy to clean. If you are interested click on the link below.

Kuranda Dog Beds